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Diane has always said, “Every story ever told is a family story”, and this is how Diane’s books came to be. Diane’s most recent book “Mary of The Mayflower” was inspired by her numerous ancestors who made the treacherous journey on the Mayflower.  One brave, young progenitor, Mary Chilton, was the first woman to set foot on to Plymouth Rock. Library Image - Mary of Mayflower   With attention to detail and extensive research in writing “Mary of The Mayflower”, Diane has gained a deeper appreciation for the hopes and dreams of those courageous Pilgrims and the struggles they endured in creating the initial foundation for the United States of America. Diane hopes that each reader of Mary’s story will likewise be touched and inspired to enhance and protect the cherished freedoms of our beloved America. She is an active life member of the Mayflower Society.

Reunion bookHer first book “A Big Family Reunion with Sarah Lucy” was published after a memorable family reunion, where cousins from all over the country gathered and met for the first time. Adventures and excitement unfold in the magic of wooded forests, rivers and mountains. “. . .only by knowing your family, is it possible to really know yourself.”  


Her upcoming book series “Creative Brush Strokes”, will showcase her oil paintings, watercolors, and sketchings.  This series will soon to be available in digital format.

Creative Brushstroke Series:

  1. Oil Paintings (coming soon)
  2. Watercolors (coming soon)
  3. Sketches (coming soon)

now available

Mary of the Mayflower


For thirteen-year-old Mary Chilton, every day is filled with adventure. She is surrounded by friends and family, and her windmill house feels like a castle to her. But Mary can’t forget that her family was forced to leave their last home because of their religion, and even in Holland, things are looking dangerous again. Mary’s world is changed forever when her father announces that they will join the Pilgrims traveling to the New World in search of more freedom and a better life. She must leave her older sisters and friends, and even give up her cat. With only the clothes on her back and her grandmother’s locket, Mary joins her parents aboard the Mayflower and starts the dangerous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Mary faces deadly storms, cruel bullies, cold, starvation, and illness. With the help of some new friends and a special message on her grandmother’s locket, Mary discovers she is stronger and braver than she ever knew. But when the unthinkable happens, will Mary find the courage to make her dreams of a new home come true?

"Great read and very interesting! Great for all ages. True story that dives into what people went through as far as hardships and joys coming over on the Mayflower."

− Matthew Robertson

"We all know how the Pilgrims came across the Atlantic on the Mayflower to find religious freedom in the New World, but we have never experienced the trip like this.... I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fictional account of the historic journey and recommend it for young and old alike."

− Kathleen S. Coss

"I really liked this book. I am not a teenager by a long shot, but I love history. Diane Stone has done a masterful job of explaining the Mayflower journey and the Plymouth venture through the eyes of a real Pilgrim teenager... It is this authentic sense of connection with history, and explanation of so many details, which makes the book excellent. A great book!"

− Nehemiah Moore

"... As a credentialed school teacher who minored in history, I was amazed at the new things I learned from reading Mary of the Mayflower."

− Marilyn Heiner

"This well researched/written story takes the reader along with Mary Chilton and her family as they make perilous, consequential decisions and journeys.... We have read this book with our children ~ it is a good read for all ages ~ an open window to a chapter in the history of America!"

− Jennifer S. McKay

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